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    The Technomancer, FiredUpInCA

    Technomancer has numerous and varied neuroses.  That's why the women responde-oh, sorry.


    I mean I would rather have an honest explanation (delivered with grace!!) than a blank "no thanks" or just no reply.  Some things I can work on: less 3 Stooges references on a first date? Ok, got it.   :o)

    We are a very visual/physical attraction society (one of our many problems), some of these women - and of course the flip side: men - and any web-based dating service will put a lot of focus on our pictures.

    Ahh, 21st century America...

    Keep at it, Mark.

    "But I do apologize, JVolvo, for you are arbiter of all that can and cannot be discussed and I bow down to your supremacy when it comes to what can be written on this website." WinSmith 1/22/2014 - "OK" JVolvo 1/23/2014 (sorry, Clive)

    by JVolvo on Sun Feb 09, 2014 at 03:46:01 PM PST

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