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    Ice Blue

    arguing, just not about politics.  


    My ex hated arguing.  It gave him palpitations.  He grew up in a household where "arguing" consisted of silence and cold shoulders.

    I'd attempt to engage - Oh, you want green carpet?  I prefer blue! - but he would lose it right away.  Couldn't take it.

    I grew up in a family where people spoke with one another, and sometimes loudly if we disagreed.

    I got sent to my room with yelling if I did something wrong, his dad would quietly dump all of his clothes out of his dresser if he left the drawer slightly open.

    Not a match made in heaven to be sure.  I felt ignored and he felt berated.  All of the time.

    (We were both liberal).

    Anyway, back to the topic - just like the diarist, I found it so hard to understand why anyone had to comment at all, let alone be rude.  If they weren't interested, why not just move onto the next photo or whatever.  No need to be cruel.

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