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    for you. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3x. The last time I had a mastectomy but only on one side. I regret that. I should have had a double mastectormy. I had the mastectomy four years ago and so far, I'm fine.
    Twenty plus years ago my friend was diagnosed with an extremely agressive, fast growing breast cancer. She was 35 and had 4 kids. Her only hope was an autologous bone marrow transplant. She was a nurse and worked at a Sutter hospital. Her health insurance was Foundation, a Sutter insurance company. Sutter denied the treatment saying bone marrow transplants in her case were "experimental". I went with her to Stanford Hospital to talk to them about self-financing the transplant. The Social Worker we talked with said in order to even begin treatment she would have to deposit $30,000 up front and that was only about a third of the cost. She suggested that my friend sell her house to get the rest of the money.  
    It was then that I realized how f*cked up the health care system had become. I worked at a public hospital in SF and the poor were still getting what they needed at that time, although "managed care" was beginning to change that.
    To make a long story short, we got political fast. She got an attorney recommended by a breast cancer organization. He, himself, had been denied treatment for his cancer. He had 3 other clients who were denied bone marrow transplants for breast cancer. He threatened to call a press conference on the steps of the capitol building to extol Sutter's enormous profits that year and explain how they made so much money. Sutter made all four women sign a confidentiality agreement and paid for bone marrow transplants for all of them. My friend is still alive. She got her treatment. It worked. She's on her third husband, went back to school and is now a teacher. She has grandchildren and she's very happy.  
    Please keep us posted. I will be sending good thoughts for you to the universe.

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    by slouching on Sun Feb 09, 2014 at 11:25:22 AM PST

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