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View Diary: Better Democrat Challenges Turncoat Rodney Tom (5 comments)

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      Toyotabob7, kurt

      The man is a disgrace.  And a fool.  Recently, some Republican  senator assured a local reporter that the minute the Republicans succeed at re-taking the state senate by a number one or two seats larger than it currently controls, that's the moment they will vote to replace Tom with a "real" Republican.  If that happens, not only does that idiot get booted out of his position as so-called "majority leader" by his old/new friends, but this state will be thrown into high-speed reverse, or at the very least, worse gridlock than they have already been able to impose on us.  If there is one thing that fails to impress me, it is some jerk living on his wife's trust fund who presumes to set himself up as smartest-guy-in-the-room on fiscal matters.  I don't care if he lives in Bill Gates' neighborhood, he is clueless and needs to be permanently retired to some activity that can't hurt the rest of the state.

      I'll be doing whatever I can to throw roadblocks in his way and hope there is an Obama-style campaign support organization gearing up for Ms. McBride's candidacy.  

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