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View Diary: Sunday Puzzle Potluck: Last minute edition (150 comments)

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  •  1-2-3-4 (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Villanova Rhodes, pucklady

    long night of work ahead, but taking a few minutes to check back in here and fill in a couple of rows.

     1.   ash cache
     2.   three times a hit
     3.   half of 136, 45, 23
    alternate clue 3: impact
     4.   watermelon man
    With the alternate clue of impact for 3, this became a lot easier to crack. The ash cache is an URN, fitting with BRUNT for impact. That means the hit (a hit song) is TURN (, turn, turn) -- often sung by the late Pete Seeger.

    The most logical step from BRUNT would be BURTON -- and sure enough, Indiana Republican Dan Burton is known as the Watermelon Man (for shooting a watermelon with a pistol in order to demonstrate that the Clintons were guilty of the murder of Vince Foster, or some such wackiness).

    •  and 30-31-32 (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Villanova Rhodes, pucklady

      Moving from the first row to the last...

      29.   partial genesis of Clint's inspiration
      30.   home for white elephants
      31.   major channels
      32.   morning song
      It occurred to me that matin is a word for morning prayers. Looking it up to see if there was a related word (or alternate spelling) for morning song, I see that MATINS is also a word for the morning prayer. And that leads quickly to MAINS for the major channels, indicating this is the right track.

      If 31 is MAINS, the obvious possibility for 30 is SIAM. And a quick Google confirms: Siam, the Land of the White Elephants. (So I can stop trying to figure out how to make GOP a 4-letter word.)

      That leaves several possibilities for 29. I'd been assuming Clint is Clint Eastwood and the clue is referring to his inspiration for talking to an empty chair a year and a half ago. None of the obvious words one can make out of SIAM seems to tie in with that, so perhaps it's a different Clint or a different inspiration. But some possibilities include:


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