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  •  Drat -- I fell asleep. But here's row 3 (9-12) (3+ / 0-)
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    pucklady, science, Villanova Rhodes
     9.   Dvorak target
    10.   pucklady's geographic neighbor
    11.   tail end of letter
    12.   bundle of nerves
    I kept trying to think of the word for a tail on a letter, and the only word that kept coming to mind was cedilla is vaguely related but not at all the same thing.

    But in considering words for bundle of nerves I finally decided to try FIBERS (which had occurred to me way earlier but for some reason I hadn't pursued). And once I actually looked at it SERIF finally came back to me.

    The reason I finally looked at FIBERS is that my theory of the verticals had EFB as strong possibilities for the add-on letters, and looking at 6-letter words containing those brought FIBERS back into view.

    Which means, taking EFB off, that the first word is an anagram of IRS.

    (Is there a Dvorak who is anti-IRS? Quick Google turns up a John Dvorak with an anti-IRS blog entry; he's part of a podcast, No Agenda, so IRS might be a frequent target on the show.)

    Second word, pucklady's geographic neighbor, is an anagram of EIRS. (I don't come up with an Eris CA on quick Google, so I'll leave it up to pucklady to identify which anagram of those letters works.)

    11 is SERIF, 12 is FIBERS

    I'll give my vertical thoughts in a moment in a separate comment...

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