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View Diary: Senator Roy Blunt: Having Health Care makes you Lazy (106 comments)

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  •  You've utterly nailed it (11+ / 0-)
    According to the way he's using the term, a person who quits a corporate job and starts his own business, or works freelance, is not working.
    No, of course not. Not if we believe in the United States of America as a restrictive antebellum caste-bound plantation economy. You know, the leader of the free world. Can't lead the free if you don't have the unfree to boss around, can you? Where's the freedom in that?
    These guys are movement conservatives, so everything they say has an alternate meaning.

    The idea of starting new businesses is anathema to them.  They aren't re-fighting the Civil War.  They're refighting the middle ages and trying to prevent city-states from gaining too much power.  That's how they think.  Sure, it's reframed in a contemporary way but that's their philosophical approach.

    To them. "work" isn't an economic event, a source of self-actualization, a means of earning a living, or any other economic or social attribute applied by either conservatives or liberals.  It is a duty that the peasants undertake on behalf of their lords.  "Working hard" means "doing nothing but work, breeding, and just enough religion to keep them in line, and occasionally being drafted as infantry.

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