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View Diary: GOP establishes 2014 strategy: Stop lunatics from winning primaries (86 comments)

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  •  This is brilliant! Reince has done it again.Here's (6+ / 0-)

    a glimpse of their strategery session:
    GOP consultant: Okay. How about we move on immigration reform, get on board with raising the minimum wage, appeal to our governors to accept madicaid, ease off on vaginal probe and anti-choice laws. We'll take away those "Democrat" campaign talking points?

    Reince: No can do. Our voting stalwarts (you know, TPers and Co.) won't vote if we go way left to get to center right.

    All: Okay then. We use our billionaire and CoC buddies to stop TPers in the primaries, keep spinning Obamacare as evil until November, get control of the senate and House and then...Mwaaaa! Impeachment redux. Good times for all.

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