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View Diary: GOP establishes 2014 strategy: Stop lunatics from winning primaries (86 comments)

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    "For the first time since 2008, it appears possible no Republican incumbent will be toppled in a primary or convention. But bloody primaries could still take a toll on the eventual nominees in some races, draining war chests heading into tough general election contests…"

    Are they serious?  It was followed by a mention that tea party groups don't necessarily feel the same way.  There is so much cat fud this year, and the Kansas senate race just came on to the map, it will need a little time to fester, but, it will also be lots of fun to watch.  

    The GOP seems to be pushing the story this year.  Hopefully we'll look less defensive as the year unfolds.  I don't know why Tennant in West Virginia isn't riding the polluted water into a Senate seat.  I know a lot of the statewide Dems are acting ridiculous in this whole thing, but, the opportunity is there for someone with good environmental credentials to really take a stand.  I mean, if you can't trust the drinking water, it doesn't get any more primal. Even the most non-political types must be raging over this mess.  

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