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View Diary: Understaffing is hurting Walmart, says equities research firm (176 comments)

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  •  I'm no Harvard MBA, but . . . (0+ / 0-)
    Walmart has added hundreds of stores in recent years while cutting its workforce . . .
    That sounds like competition just for the sake of competition.  Who's the marketing genius who thought THAT up?

    Another point:  since Wal Mart workers are non-union, and since Wal Mart won't pay them a living hourly wage, and also won't let them work full-time, then Wal Mart workers have very little to lose by walking off the job, picketing, and so forth, which is what they've already begun to do.  Keep it up, Wally World!  Keep it up!

    "One of the boss' hangers-on sometimes comes to call, at times you least expect. Tryin' to bully you, strongarm you, inspire you with fear--it has the opposite effect."--Bob Dylan, "Floater"

    by oldmaestro on Tue Feb 11, 2014 at 06:28:31 PM PST

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