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    I'd like to address the topic discussed in the second half of the article. There aren't enough substitutes to replace every teacher. The author seems to be using that as a point to hammer the district. It's MEA's fault that there is a sub shortage in the first place. There are plenty of subs(mostly local) to fill the need. As you know MEA called them all and told them not to work. No one wants to tick off the union, so most caved. So yes, it's MEA's doing & now they are complaining about it?
    This is the type of dishonest accountability with a large doses of deceptive claims that have made BOTH the district & the union unable to agree on much. I've lost quite a bit of respect for both leadership groups & don't see an end in the immediate future. I hope I'm wrong & our kids are back to learning like they should be as soon as possible.

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      Mostel26, Glen The Plumber, CJB

      ... they are the contracted current staff. The district has not bargained in ANY manner that would do anything other than force a strike. They allowed bargaining to go for the bare minimum number of days required by law before calling for mediation, they let mediation go for the bare minimum before calling impasse, they let impasse go the bare minimum before implementing, and they would come i, session after session, with "new" proposals that wold sometimes have a 'change' of a single word or phrase.

      The MEA asked the sub list to consider not working. The also called sub lists for most other districts in the state.

      We are calling the district on making the claim that school will go forward and that a quality education will be provided. That is a claim that is preposterous on its face. Rather than flying a teacher across the country, they could have had a negotiation team in place on Friday, on Sunday, Today, and Tomorrow. Instead, they were not in the room on those days. They cite the lack of availability of a mediator, but that is honestly a cop out. If this is a crisis (one they instigated and escalated at every turn), then they need to be doing everything they can to resolve it.

      Negotiation Analogy:
      A? Z. ok, B. No, Z. Ummm, C? We like Z. We'd be willing to consider D... Z is good. After discussion, we'll go E.  Z or nothing. ... ... Would you consider the merits of F? These people are unreasonable and since we can't get them to agree to Z, we need a mediator. ... ... (time passes)... Well, we'll will happily consider starting this conversation at G. We'd be willing to discuss Z... (mediator points out that negotiation requires movement) ... So, we were offering G, since, you know, we started at A. You make a good point -- Y is our absolutely best offer. Wow...Y? Y. We could maybe do H? You are so unreasonable not to take Y, we are at an Impasse. ... ... (time passes) ... ... OK, so here's how it's gonna be: Y. Really? That's it? Yes. Well, we won't do that... but we'll do M. Y. N? Y. O? Y. ... ... (public outcry after District says teachers won't budge... "why won't they meet in the middle?") ... P? Y. Q? Y. Fine. We're on Strike.

      Teachers are the unreasonable ones in this. They started on A.


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      by JD SoOR on Mon Feb 10, 2014 at 10:04:03 PM PST

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    •  So you support scab labor? (2+ / 0-)
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      Glen The Plumber, ladybug53

      That is comforting. A strike means there is a line in place that should not be crossed. By supporting the use of scab labor to run that school you are directly enabling the school board to gain leverage in a contract dispute that will harm all of the district's students in the long run. The diarist makes clear the district is attempting to impose a contract that has condition that directly harm the ability of teachers to deliver instruction to students. You should not be in support of that.

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      yup. Welcome to DailyKos!  Enjoy the wit, wisdom, and fact-based progressive politics!

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      by JD SoOR on Tue Feb 11, 2014 at 06:34:17 AM PST

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