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View Diary: CBS Sports projects openly gay college standout will fall in NFL draft because he is 'a distraction' (200 comments)

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  •  Facebook pal of mine (1+ / 0-)
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    nota bene

    Sarcastically came out as straight on Facebook.

    I sarcastically  congratulated him for getting that weight off his chest. That one day he wouldn't be marginalized and told to shut up. He PMD me.

    I'll PM this to you..... I'm guessing you were using just as much sarcasm as I was. But it's hard to feel sorry for a gay person feeling like everyone's against them, when that's CLEARLY not the case with the general publics view. Especially when, as a Christian, I've faced ridicule and backlash on almost a constant basis. If it's not directly at me, then to Christians in general. Here's an idea Michael Sam.... If you shut up about liking men, I won't try to force feed Jesus to you, ok??
    I told him (his profile pic is him and his wife together:
    Would you consider your profile picture "in your face"? If you hold your wife's hand in public it won't get a second look from anybody.  You will not have people come up to you and have say to keep your sexuality to yourself. To a lot of homosexuals that is what makes them second class citizens. They are told to shutup and hide. If Michael Sam is successful ( and he hurt his draft would have been wiser to come out after he signs a contract) he actually will likely have saved lives. Consider that. People get bullied for being gay (even if they aren't actually gay, people have been beaten and murdered, and even raped for being gay. People have killed themselves). I have certainly seen people say cruel things about "Jesus Freaks" but if you are honest with yourself, being a straight white Christian male in this country has been very good to you and me. remember that jason Collins was only "in your face" in the news for a few days. Fact is his career was already over. Sam's hasn't even begun.  Soon will come the day that nobody will think twice about anybodies orientation, being open won't be considered "in your face" for one group. I am certainly not always successful at this, and I do get offended and annoyed at things. I usually try and put myself in other's shoes. Look at their perspective. Does one view point actually infringe on another person? Does one actually harm another? Can both coexist? Can there be a middle ground? Would I feel different if that person were my brother, my spouse, my friend, me?  It can be difficult. Even if you think it is reprehensible and disgusting can acknowledge that other people being happy does not actually harm you. Keeping them from being happy does in fact harm them. Peace.

    The Senate has no guts. The House has no brains.

    by gossamer1234 on Mon Feb 10, 2014 at 01:53:50 PM PST

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