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View Diary: CBO: Really, GOP, we didn't say Obamacare would kill 2.5 million jobs (86 comments)

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  •  No, the CBO report says this: (3+ / 0-)
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    CBO anticipates that the unemployment rate will
    remain high for the next few years. If changes in
    incentives lead some workers to reduce the amount
    of hours they want to work or to leave the labor
    force altogether, many unemployed workers will be
    available to take those jobs—so the effect on overall
    employment of reductions in labor supply will be
    greatly dampened.

    The expanded federal subsidies for health insurance
    will stimulate demand for goods and services, and that
    effect will mostly occur over the next few years. That
    increase in demand will induce some employers to hire
    more workers or to increase their employees’ hours
    during that period.

    Seems to me that since labor supply outstrips demand right now, and has for a painfully long time, reducing supply can only be a good thing.  Should have a positive impact on wages, too, which is much needed!  Basic supply and demand, right?

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