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View Diary: Nevada abandons defense of anti-marriage equality law (30 comments)

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    Catherine Cortez Masto is every bit as complicit in the  arguments contained in this brief as Sandoval. The Nevada brief has was submitted by the Attorney General's Office, and her name on it as Sandoval's counsel. It is  signed on her behalf by the Solicitor General, who is part of her office. Don't just take my word for it, either, you can read the brief in all of its glory here: Every argument in there was prepared by her staff, and thus, she owns them every bit as much as Sandoval.

    She could have refused to defend the same sex marriage ban, like Virigina AG Mark Herring did, but she did not.  And I'll take it a step further, back in 2010, when our tea bagging then Governor Jim Gibbons wanted to challenge the Affordable Care Act, Mastro refused to do so, requiring Gibbons to retain outside counsel to care out his teahad against the ACA.  Why didn't she step up here? She's been a pretty good AG up until now, so I don't get it.  Does she really believe in the arguments made against same sex marriage in the Nevada brief? Why stand up for the ACA but not same sex marriage? Especially when the winds of change are already blowing in favor of repealing the ban in a few years? It makes no sense, and quite frankly makes me wonder if she does, in fact, believe in these arguments.  At a minimum, she has some very serious questions to answer if she wants to be a Democratic Candidate for state-wide or Federal office in this state.

    With all of this in mind, I have to question your statement that she is "the biggest rockstar" in the party at this point in time.  For one thing, she's not running for anything in 2014, even though we've had a problem finding a candidate with any real chance of even making Sandoval break a sweat. And the reason for that is clear, Sandoval is, unfortunately, pretty damn popular in this state.  He's going to cruise to re-election and it's pretty obvious that Masto knows that or she'd be running against him. And, on another note, I think that after this debacle, and before all is said and done, Lucy Flores will have something to say about who is the biggest "rock star" in our party.

    Oh - and on the other Nevada thread from late last month, someone had indicated that Monte Stewart was responsible for the Nevada brief.  That is incorrect. He was responsible for the state's co-appellant Coalition for the Protection of Marriage.

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