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View Diary: North Carolina Feeling Effects of Massive Teacher Wage Suppression (65 comments)

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    They may be too big, and have too much influence to be moved. So that means what, that we should just stop trying? I get where you're coming from, and maybe I'll even feel the same after watching this crap go on for another twenty years, but for now I can't accept giving up as an option.

    Even if it never makes one shred of difference, I have to keep pushing because I couldn't live with myself if I stood aside and let this happen without a fight. Standing up against corruption and hate matters, even if you lose. I don't think I could look my future children in the face and tell them, "Well, the outlook was bleak, so I figured why bother?" Even if things only get worse, at least I'll be able to tell them, "I'm sorry things are so screwed up, but I did everything I could to try and make it better."

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