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View Diary: North Carolina Feeling Effects of Massive Teacher Wage Suppression (65 comments)

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  •  Industrial Capitalism has always depended on (1+ / 0-)
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    wage slavery.  Remember:  "Company Store" ?

    But "debt slavery"  aka "peonage" was more or less restricted to the agricultural economy. Remember :"Share Cropping" and "do you have the money for the mortgage on the farm ?"

    So now, moneylenders get to collect "rent" from both the urban academic professionals and the small holder farmers.

    But this isn't anything new ... read Jack London's People of the Abyss -- free online ... or almost anything by Charles Dickens ...

    What happened in the 20th century is that Capital required HUGE armies of Labor to operate their machines, toil in their mines and fight in their wars.  Large numbers of workers working at the same tasks with the same needs resulted in the rise of Unions ...

    Coming into the 21st century, the bulk of employers no longer needed organizable "masses" of workers ... and Armies were increasingly staffed by professional specialists rather than Citizen Solder ground-pounders.

    There's two things that Owners hate:  paying taxes and paying wages.  Now that the West's Capitalist owners have colleagues in what used to be Communist geographies ...  

    "Business management courses for EVERYONE !!"

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