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View Diary: Clapper's Spin Unravels in Congressional Testimony: Cannot Keep His Story Straight on Snowden (180 comments)

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    I'll stand by History repeating itself. But doesn't it stand  on its own? Has not power been abused again? The 4th amendment has been violated on massive scale never witnessed before. I call that abuse of power. Where is the oversight? NSA administrators like Clapper for example, lying. Is that what we call oversight now? Where is the accountability? No Perjury charges have been filed, and the whistle blower is hiding in Russia fearing for his life. Where is the due process? Bulk collection of Data without warrants, doesn't sound like due process to me. Where is the Representation? I don't believe the average piss ant was represented in the secret courts. How did any of this come to light? Oversight? LOL
    It came to light thanks to a Patriot hiding in Russia with a price on his head.

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