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  •  i understand and agree that genocide (2+ / 0-)

    is not based on sheer numbers, but as a group-however large or small that group may be. Although I do think numbers make it genocide rather than hate.

    I understand, also, that there are a million ways to demean, harm, and cause suffering to a certain group of people by another group of people.

    I also agree that being transgender at this time in history does fall under the guidelines as you noted. I had some trouble with this part "...national, ethnical, racial or religious group..." as to which of those groups transgender would fall into. Personally, I do think those groups they mentioned are slightly limiting and being transgender, to me, falls more into gender discrimination.
    The UN might need to readdress how they phrase genocide. It is too limiting.

    While I agree with you assessment of genocide I have more trouble with one of your personal statements. "...our mental state would be fine if we were left alone to live our lives." People who are transgender have those troubling issues you mentioned and more.  For all people it is hard enough on this planet to get through each day and all its troubles when everything and everyone is aligned with you, your goals, and your needs.  Transgenders have all those everyday issues and troubles and then they have more troubles piled on top of them by cruel, bigoted, and just plain ignorant people. Transgenders are suffering more.

    so , no  I dont think Transgenders will be fine if just left alone.  People are hurting even if they are left alone-none of us are fine if left alone. And those numbers of transgender and suicide are really heartbreaking. I had no idea it was this bad.

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