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View Diary: Volkswagen isn't opposed to a union, but Republicans are threatening jobs (113 comments)

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  •  I don't think they think that far (24+ / 0-)

    The median Republican voter these days is winding down their working days and looking ahead to retirement and all the concerns that go with it.

    Despite the rhetoric, they want Medicare (socialized medicine) - for themselves. They want Medicaid for long term care (more socialism) - for themselves.  They want pension income (Social Security, as socialist as it gets) - for them and them alone.

    And they're terrified to the last that any sharing of the socialist pie with non-Republicans will hurt them.

    That's why Paul Ryan's so-called Ryan Plan to save Social Security was partly true: It was to save it for people 55 and over - in other words, for Republicans...and if they could get away will culling over-55 Dems from that grandfathering, they'd do so.

    For that is the gist of the GOP: They don't mind socialism. Socialism's great for mobilizing strongly-GOP retirees and near-retires.

    But those same voters mind sharing it. They mind it greatly.

    You'd think they'd care a bit more about what happens to that same retirement benefit cash cow if the wage/salary base of the American people dies off.

    And yet... not so much.

    Thus my opinion that Republicans don't think things through very effectively, not even in evil, cynical ways.

    It's all reaction. It's all allergic reaction. Violent, self-destructive (and coincidentally generally destructive) allergic reaction to change of any kind.

    •  I WISH people would not confuse social security (0+ / 0-)

      in the US with socialism.  Social security is paid by a personal tax on wages.  It is a high tax (over 12% of salary, half from employer, half from you, but obviously all could have been salary).
      NONE of this tax is charged on income from capital gains, and the top amount taxed is only about $114K income.  Thus if you are paid $1.14 M, your SS tax rate is 1/10 of that paid by the middle class.  
      Bottom line - Middle class people receiving SS have paid for SS by their own nasty salary reducing regressive taxes, and progressives should never be so uninformed as to state "Social Security, as socialist as it gets"

      •  Re: My error (0+ / 0-)

        Was writing about general perceptions of Republican voters, when in hindsight I should have written to the particulars of the US Code as it applies to taxation and earned entitlements, because an actuary, CPA, CFA or other subject matter expert would weigh in eventually.

        Your expertise is welcome, of course.

        What do I have to do to take advantage of it, without also receiving the abusive rhetoric?

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