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View Diary: Chris Christie 2.0 seeks refuge in the warm embrace of hardline wingnuttery (71 comments)

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  •  Income opportunity v equality (2+ / 0-)

    The side show he is trying to sell is really a lie. He says that income inequality is a natural outcome of a capitalist economy which is most certainly true. Implicit in this argument is that the government or people have no role in making it more equal. Whether it is through income redistribution via taxation or through legislation increasing wages and benefits, the system only works if it is pure capitalism. This is Ayn Rand stuff and Hillary will annihilate him if he goes in this direction.

    He then pivots to income opportunity as if there is something he offers to improve the opportunity for the poor and middle class to earn more and have a better life. Other than tax cuts for the rich, what exactly is he offering us? His side already complains that the poor and middle class do not pay enough taxes, don't have any skin in the game, are takers not makers. So if tax policy is not going to bring about more opportunity, what exactly will being about more opportunity? Can't be more education because he wants the status quo to prevail. Can't be higher wages, he is against minimum wage. Can't be secure pensions or workers rights, he is against unions. Can't be anything the government does because that is against conservative principles.

    No what he is really offering us is a lecture by dear old Dad. Dad looks at his kid and says son "You are a dead beat, get the hell out of the house and earn a living. When you grow up, you are welcome back but until then, get out of my sight you lazy son of a bitch".

    Do facts matter anymore?

    by Sinan on Wed Feb 12, 2014 at 01:53:51 PM PST

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