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View Diary: What Should Young Black Men Like Marcus Smart Do When Called a 'Nigger' by White Men Like Jeff Orr? (104 comments)

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  •  No, I do not speak for black people (2+ / 0-)
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    It works like this:

    If a black guy gets mad about a RACIALLY-charged incidence, guess what, I give the OFFENDED PARTY the 'dreaded benefit of the doubt' in terms of how to act.

    I don't feel like it's might duty/position/call to tell a black guy how to react to racially-charged comments.  What I AM qualified to opine on is that what Orr said was wrong and what Orr has done in the past is wrong.  I also think Smart actually showed restraint of all things and if half of the white people I know of weren't so afraid of black people, a little shove would be laughed off.  

    And, let's walk this back in terms of logic:

    1.  Orr has a history of very confrontational, rude and disgusting displays AND THERE IS VIDEO PROOF OF THAT.

    2.  Orr has ADMITTED - rather like a guilty plea, if you will - of the LESSER offense of calling Smart 'a piece of crap.'

    3.  Smart shoved Orr.

    4.  How many times has Smart EVER shoved a fan before this?  None.

    5.  How many times does one see a college player shove a fan?  Extremely rarely.

    So, based upon FACTS and there is NO white guy interpretation to the above facts, I am going to give Smart the benefit of the doubt and let HIM decide what he should do.  

    And, finally, in terms of logic let's put it this way:

    How come Orr has volunteered NOT to go to Texas Tech BB games this season?  If he was TOTALLY innocent why would he do such a thing?  Is it because of the dreaded 'political correctness'?  Moreover, Smart gets a 'wrist slap' of a suspension of 3 games....which is pretty telling in and of itself.

    Last, but not least: let's say a white player shoved a white guy to the extent that Smart shoved Orr.  Would ANYONE be talking about it?  No.

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      If a black guy gets mad about a RACIALLY-charged incidence, guess what, I give the OFFENDED PARTY the 'dreaded benefit of the doubt' in terms of how to act.
      I'm sure that both Ida Wells and W.E.B. DuBois would shake their heads at your statement over a young black man being called a simple name in a college basketball game, with the assumption that it be "fair game" to retaliate physically.

      Marcus, who attended OSU for free, will soon be making millions of dollars in the NBA and be allowed to live anywhere he wants in this country, and will be idolized by millions of young fans.

      Even if we assume that it was a "racially charged incident", that still does not give a right to Marcus to push Orr. The good thing is that Marcus realized that once he cooled down. That is why he apologized to Orr later on. There is simply no good to what could come from any type of physical retaliation. Luckily, Marcus is a good kid and understands that he reacted bad due to frustration.

      There is a lot of racism still occurring in the US, but this is not the situation to overreact. Marcus will probably not ever have to deal with the level of racism or sexism that 99% of the minority populations in this country deal with on a daily basis.

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