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  •  As long as there aren't two bulls of breeding age? (4+ / 0-)
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    ER Doc, ban nock, Wee Mama, Eyesbright

    It's all gravy.
    I've seen two bulls, the one leaving and the one arriving (done to prevent inbreeding) go through high line-voltage fence, like a hot knife through butter.  
    That's not a little fence zapper you use with sheep, but a fence that would kill or harm you greatly if you touched it.

    They then proceeded across the road to a neighbor, and used his Honda Civic as strategic high ground for a fight to the finish.  Both were so-gored, that both bulls were shot.

    No breeding that year, and a multi-thousand dollar loss per animal.
    Not to mention that Honda, which could have fit in the bed of a standard pickup truck, with little showing over the sides.

    Farm Insurance, such as it was, covered the cost of the car, but not the animals.  Policy renewal was declined, and a replacement policy proved much more expensive.
    The compromise, was to end farm tours.
    And never to have two breeding-aged bulls in proximity ever again.

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