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  •  This is a re-upload, that is still not yet listed. (0+ / 0-)

    I had to delete the old video because YouTube wouldn't let me upload a duplicate even though the other video was not working. I sent them a message that the old video was not working and they never fixed it. They would run the ads but the video would give an error message.

    My first inclination was to leave the error bound video and upload a copy to another channel or even my website. The problem with uploading to another channel without deleting the old video is that YouTube might detect it as an infringement even though I am the owner and end up blocking it anyway. I had just spent 6 hours uploading a copy only to have it rejected because I had not deleted the old one. If I hosted the video myself at, which is still a possibility, and somehow I got a million views, I would be on the hook for the bandwidth fees. So, on advice from my brother I deleted the old one and re-up-loaded.  I am leaving the video unlisted at YouTube for a while. We will see what happens when I make it public there.

    I have had videos glitch for short periods of time, but this error persisted until I replaced the video.

    Peace, Love, and Prosperity. See more on the R. Crosby Lyles channel on YouTube.

    by Rich Lyles on Thu Feb 13, 2014 at 10:11:14 AM PST

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