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View Diary: An Obamacare enrollment trend to strike fear in the heart of Republicans (76 comments)

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    kefauver, blue aardvark

    (in the voice of a frightened eleven year old boy - the representative voice of the republican party)

    ...well you just wait until those death panels start then you'll be sorry...

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      Don't those Reps know that there are things just like death panels in our insurance policies right now?

      I've spent an hour on the phone twice this week with the insurance company and the hospital.  Turns out that the insurance paid out $10,000 for a 12/2012 hospitalization, but in 1/2014 they asked for it back.  Now they are denying coverage for a special x-ray that I had in Jan 2014 because it is "unproven."  Huh???  If a person Googles the symptoms I have, you'll find this x-ray mentioned as a possible test to get at any of the major medical center sites.  

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