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View Diary: An Obamacare enrollment trend to strike fear in the heart of Republicans (76 comments)

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  •  A guy I know who is uninsured ... (6+ / 0-)

    ... but who is a construction worker and a Republican and, of course, excoriates Obamacare, just flipped his truck with his family inside.  Spent several days in the hospital and came out with an enormous hospital bill.  Of course, he had not availed himself of Obamacare for which he would probably have had next to nothing to pay for once subsidies kicked in; he had spent his time complaining about Obamacare (and Obama period) and weaving tales of how it would ruin the country and he was tired of paying for the lazy asses.  

    He is not a bad guy at all, in fact he is a really nice hardworking, blue-collar, construction kind of guy whom I really like and appreciate.  I think we all know these kinds of folks.  This is what is so damn criminal (it should be) about all the lies that are spewed on talk radio and Fox news.  The people who are most hurt are the little guys who the plutocrats manipulate like marionettes ... the same little guys who most could benefit from Democratic policies, but who will go to their graves eschewing all things progressive.


    •  He needs to call his auto insurer (1+ / 0-)
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      which may well have to cover all the bills for everyone else in the car (as a liability claim), plus the MedPay would cover his own bills up to the $1000 or $5000 limit. It's not as good as health insurance, but it's a lot better than no coverage at all.

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