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View Diary: An Obamacare enrollment trend to strike fear in the heart of Republicans (76 comments)

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  •  Kind of off-topic... (0+ / 0-)

    but I always wondered why automatically enrolling uninsured people in a plan (or Medicaid) wasn't part of the ACA.  The states or the federal government have to keep track of everyone's insurance status anyway (for determining who pays penalties).  Those who hadn't selected a plan by the enrollment deadline would be automatically enrolled in a plan--either the cheapest plan or the "best value" plan (the intersection of low premium, low co-pay, biggest network, & best coverage available in their market place).  The person would receive a letter in the mail informing them that they'd been auto-enrolled and need to start paying premiums.  The person could still "opt-out" of the plan they were enrolled in by signing a waiver acknowledging they'd be liable for penalties and responsible for paying for their insurance out of pocket.

    I think a big majority of people would go along with whatever plan they were automatically enrolled in.  This is the only feasible way that I can foresee getting anything near "universal" coverage through Obamacare.

    •  You can't do that in advance (0+ / 0-)

      The government won't know who was uninsured during 2014 until people file their 2014 tax returns, in the winter of 2015. You can't just enroll people involuntarily and then send them a bill that they're responsible for paying.

      Actually maybe you could -- but only by going to a single-payer plan that is built into the tax structure.

      Not even Medicare is automatic. You have to actually enroll.

      •  You could still do it... (0+ / 0-)

        It would just be more complicated (which is I assume why they didn't do it).  The Swiss compulsory insurance system (that Obamacare was partly modeled after) has automatic enrollment.

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