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View Diary: 'Ban the box' to keep ex-prisoners from being locked into a life of crime (88 comments)

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    I have always thought that putting all kinds of barriers up for ex-cons in such things as employment and even things like voting rights does nothing but recreate the situation many of these people lived in that got them into prison in the first place.

    I understand that there are jobs that necessitate asking whether or not someone is an ex-con.  I won't try to list those here because some would just have a target put on them for people to argue against them being on the list in the first place.  That's not the point.  

    However, most employers don't need to know if a person was convicted and served "x" amount of years for a crime he/she committed "x" number of years ago.  And, with the results shown here for states that HAVE taken this bold step, it proves that it will help these people and will not be a big problems for employers.  

    Thank you for the diary.  Really excellent.

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