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View Diary: Stop blaming the weather for your political incompetence. (146 comments)

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  •  45% attendance is not functioning nomally (4+ / 0-)

    Nice that you got yours and the rest of us should just quit whining.

    •  I'll bet every single of that 45% (3+ / 0-)

      whom you think are just expendable, those kids had their only hot meal of the day today and their parents didn't get fired for not showing up for work.

      De Blasio didn't force a single child to go to school. If you wanted to keep yours home, and you can afford to, do it. And yeah, stop your whining.

      •  I'll take that bet (5+ / 0-)
        I'll bet every single of that 45% whom you think are just expendable, those kids had their only hot meal of the day today and their parents didn't get fired for not showing up for work.
        And no, I don't think they're expendable, so fuck you for saying that. A lot of those kids who went, their parents weren't any happier about taking them and would have happily fed them if they could know ahead of time that their kids wouldn't actually miss anything important. Since that decision is usually made by the teachers based on attendance, it's impossible to tell before you send your kids to school.

        It's also a lot easier to not get fired for not showing up to work when you can tell your boss the schools are closed and you can't find someone to watch your kids.

        Another thing, if you're all concerned about people who have to work, how do you feel about them closing the after school programs since it's so fine and dandy outside. All those parents can leave work early, but can't take the day off?

        I don't have any kids. I do know a lot of parents and a lot of teachers who risked their damn lives to get to school today from outside the city to babysit other peoples kids because they can't figure out how to take care of them for one day without school! I know one person who lost over a weeks worth of pay today driving into one of the GIANT belt parkway potholes because they couldn't see it. There are real problems for people with keeping the schools open too. There were two school bus accidents in Brooklyn. Thankfully, no injuries were reported. Next time, luck may not be so good. Your cavalier attitude about the hardships faced by people because of the schools staying open is just as bad as other's cavalier attitude about kids not being able to eat.

        •  We could do without the whole "fuck you" stuff (1+ / 0-)
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          don't need to get personal toward bbb here.  I got myself in some hot water a month or so ago (not toward bbb, but another member), so keep it cool.

          With that said, minus the attack, I agree with your points.

          It seems from bbb's posts that part of the reason for having a "so what, it's a snow storm" attitude is because poorer neighborhoods were often neglected, and today were plowed first.  That's a pretty petty reason to have a cavalier attitude about traveler safety and all that.

          bbb talks about busing and walking to school, yet still isn't acknowledging accidents that did happen today.  Yay, you responded to me no accidents and no deaths.  Great, things were lucky this time; what about next time with 12+ inches of wet snow?  Yeah, ok...

          "Give me a lever long enough... and I shall move the world." - Archimedes

          by mconvente on Thu Feb 13, 2014 at 05:59:27 PM PST

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          •  He accused me of treating kids as expendable (1+ / 0-)
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            So I still think the fuck you was perfectly warranted. What I said was not an attack, rather a response to an attack, with impolite language to be sure.

            But I do agree with you as well on the other points.

            •  It was unnecessary. (1+ / 0-)
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              Shout it at the screen if you have to. Could BBB have made his point in a less insulting way? I think so. But you took it up a notch, and IMO, a bit over the line.

              I'm not taking sides: you are both right. When shit hits the fan, whoever is in charge has to choose between sucky options. That's just life.

              I ride the wild horse .

              by BelgianBastard on Fri Feb 14, 2014 at 02:27:00 AM PST

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