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View Diary: 5th Megabanker Suicide in 2 Weeks (85 comments)

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  •  Way too much CT (22+ / 0-)

    Those who committed suicide aren't "mega-bankers"

    At least three of the incidents were covered in one or more diaries awhile back. The men were not in any businesses that would have any relation to one another, or to a larger scandal that would link them remotely. At least one was waaaay down on the food chain - in no position to have done much of anything or known much of anything, another was an economist.

    Of the two that were not already reported, one was CEO of a local title company - again, not a mega-banker, and not in an arena to influence mega-bucks or mega-scandals. The other isn't even known to be a suicide, and what few hints there are suggest possible drug overdose.

    Suicide is the 7th leading cause of death for males. Each year tens of thousands of people commit suicide. No doubt some of them have some connection to some aspect of finance. it's sad that these guys families have to put up with this kind of speculation all over the intertubes.

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