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View Diary: NY Mom Writes Anti-Gay Tirade on 7-Year-Old's Birthday Invite (327 comments)

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  •  I think people are (0+ / 0-)

    still adjusting the way how the information spread.
    and encouraging the idea “Pen is mightier than sword” is a good thing.

    In an old day,
    People may post her address in the public place, and prosecute her.
    Stone her or knocking on the door to threaten her.
    I’m definitely against that.

    I don’t think many people should call her up middle of night or leave the obnoxious messages. Then I get your point, that’s totally counterproductive and simply give her more ammunition to hate “these kind of people”.

    But the society should know, and let her know what many of us think of her

    She is simply ignorant, and never thought otherwise. She never had a chance to associate outside of her group. It is our duty to wake her up.
    She may learn the easy way or hard way. It’s up to her.

    Once again, I don’t think I’m qualified to do so. I’ll just set back and hope somebody else may succeed. I agree saying  I just “don’t want my hands get dirty” may not the right expression. What I really wanted to say, is, I wish I had a wisdom and means to change her mind, and I don’t.

    Tool diary help to get everybody’s attention. That’s the start. And I believe most of the members of Daily Kos, has a good sense of justice. Some of us may succeed to reach her, and help her understand.  It’s not the revenge. Sooner she would learn is definitely good for her.

    •  Of course now it turns out the whole thing:hoax (0+ / 0-)

      Of course now it turns out the whole thing was a hoax. When will people learn that you can never be embarrassed by taking the high road and waiting a bit before rushing to judgement?

      •  that's exactly my point (0+ / 0-)

        I did tell you, I wouldn't do that neither.

        because  "you can never be embarrassed by taking the high road"

        once again, I wouldn't risk myself to be embarrassed.

        Sound did kind of fishy, since,
        It's hard to imagine, anybody could be that stupid,
        to egg whole world to challenge her.

        But I guess, Tool took his chance
        I still think he was right.
        If he did believe that was the true story, he felt he needed to do something.

        Do you laugh him for that?

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