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View Diary: NY Mom Writes Anti-Gay Tirade on 7-Year-Old's Birthday Invite (327 comments)

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    You know, retaliation is the human thing to do.  I got to wondering how Buddha would have reacted and a story from the Zen tradition came to mind.

    You can read it here.

    For me this story has a great moderating effect and shows what needs to be done in every instance.

    You do what needs to be done and even if you are obligated to do what you have no rational obligation to do.

    The response of the two dads was retaliatory.  It was all too human a response and certainly in the way our society thinks they had every right to be riled up and angered.

    But suppose they had responded in a way that did not reflect their 'ego pain' like the Zen Master in the story.  Suppose they responded by saying they were sorry 'little johnny' or whatever her kids name was, could not attend and that he would be missed.

    Suppose they had not let their ego pain get the best of them and lead them to revenge?

    I am not criticizing them in the sense I know this was a deep, hurtful insult.  But suppose they had decided to understand this in another way like in the Zen story.

    "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness," Allen Ginsberg

    by Hermenutic on Sat Feb 15, 2014 at 01:13:24 PM PST

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