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View Diary: Belgium’s child euthanasia law give kids a chance to die voluntarily. (65 comments)

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  •  I'm with Dartagnan. I really don't know how I (20+ / 0-)

    would choose or what I would do if my child and family were in this awful place.  

    That said...I would want options.  Even if we chose to not use them, I would want those options and choices there if we needed them.  

    I live in Oregon.  We voted in 1997 to give adults those choices and have defended that vote a few more times since then.  IIRC simply having the choice available was reassuring enough for some folks who chose not to use assisted suicide.  

    Few things are worse than being trapped without any hope or choice.  

    Somebody told me that you had a boyfriend who looked a girlfriend that I had in February of last year.

    by koosah on Thu Feb 13, 2014 at 10:29:36 PM PST

    •  You don't have to know what you would do (7+ / 0-)

      to care about other people who are making the decision. I don't want an abortion, but I'm not going to deprive other folks- or myself potentially- of that right. Our country wants to live in this perpetually coddled state where we think about reality tv stars more than we do hard subjects.

      Every life faces challenges, sometimes unthinkably terrible challenges. Adults should know this and acknowledge that bad things can happen and think through how to respond to them. We want to bury our head in the sand as a society rather than acknowledge the traumas of death, and that's deeply irresponsible.

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