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View Diary: Belgium’s child euthanasia law give kids a chance to die voluntarily. (65 comments)

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    Pluto, Wee Mama

    Children, like adults, should be given generous doses of palliative medicines to reduce suffering in case of incurable medical problems. Not death. That is not a decision a kid should even be asked to make.

    Let's see if this analogy can help clear things up:

    We all agree that it is good that we have age of consent laws regarding sex. It is not possible for, say, a 12-year-old child to give consent to sex. That is just not something a 12-year-old can do. It's an adult decision, not a child's decision. Even if a child think he or she wants to have sex, it's just not something he or she is capable of thinking out.

    If that is the case for sex, it is certainly the case for death. That is an adult topic, not a children's topic.

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