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  •  More dirt on Ledeen (none)
    The 1983 Grenada [pre-emptive] Invasion

    Oliver North mentions "an enormous archive of documents" that was discovered in Grenada during the invasion and brought back to Washington for analysis [Under Fire p.269].

    It offered the first detailed case study of a Soviet takeover of another country that we had ever seen.  One of the experts assigned to study these documents was Michael Ledeen

    OK I'm already suspicious.  The Cold Warriors used this "find" in Grenada to argue "conclusively" for an international communist threat in our hemisphere, did they not?

    Are Mr. Ledeen's fingerprints on every bit of "proof" there is in this world for the rationale of pre-emptive war-making?

    Be all that you can be: Work for peace - - Jesus (Mt.5:9)

    by Upstream Review on Mon Jul 04, 2005 at 02:49:34 PM PDT

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