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  •  You are right. They boot early and often (5+ / 0-)

    When someone comes on to defend the Republican establishment (i.e. claiming that raising the debt limit with a clean bill that required Democrats to pass it was smart politically going into an important midterm election) those commenters are given a very short leash and often they are booted.   Eventually they only attract far-right commenters, leaving no room for disagreements even within the party they claim to support.   I think their stated mission has changed from eventually supporting the GOP (in the general) to support only tea party candidates,  even if it hasn't been spelled out explicitly yet.  They hate on Boehner, Cantor, McConnell, Cornyn, etc. more than we do here.  

    A very typical comment on that site can be seen in this morning's thread here:


    There are so many advantages for incumbent that am not sure we can get rid of them through primary process. For example, want to throw out the fraud Cornyn. But, there are 4 people running against them splitting the vote & have tried to reach out to the Tea Party to find out if there is one opponent we can all rally around to defeat this traitor who stabbed Cruz in the back.
    The best thing to do is let the Dem win this election since I am convinced that we cannot win with so many Traitors among us! Deal with the enemies after we get rid of these traitors.
    If that does Not work, it is time for a 3rd party --- Conservatives, Tea Partyers & Libertarians to come together on a common platform to save this country.

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