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View Diary: Protecting Pristine Lands for Future Generations (12 comments)

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  •   the record for monuments for a president is 19 (4+ / 0-)
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    by Clinton.  I believe that Stornetta would be added to the already existing California Coastal national monument, which protects all the rock outcroppings and waters out to 12 miles from shore along California's coast. So adding Stornetta would not count as a new monument, but would be considered an expansion. There are 22 states without a national monument, Delaware recently got its first. President can not only declare new monuments, but expand existing ones as well. I wonder if the 5000 acre limit provision in ANILCA covers expansions of existing monuments? cause if it doesn't, Obama could set aside 5000 acres of Bristol Bay, then later expand it to cover all of the bay and its watershed. I favor adding new monuments in every state.

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