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  •  I agree with Richard. Great article Rserven. (3+ / 0-)
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    rserven, LinSea, Margd

    Sorry to hear your "transmission" got out of gear this morning.

    It's been so slow all day, and usually is on Friday's, if this ever happens again, I would suggest just reposting the same one.

    Another trick even the uses is to change the title and a couple paragraphs on the same basic post. Things have been a lot more casual around here the last couple years.

    I always thought some folks around here were getting more than a little OCD in the old days. about posts on the same or similar topics , or duplicates.

    This is a volunteer blog, for heavens sake, not a peer reviewed journal. Henry Kissinger once "semi-joked" that compared to being the Secretary of State, in the old days of being on the faculty at Harvard the fights were so extra nasty, because the issues were so petty.

    My SO used to be a pathologist in the biolabs at Harvard and she saw two of their senior faculty actually getting into a shoving shouting match over who would get the corner office after the department head died.

    Whatever...  I managed to get 15 rec and 45 folks taking my poll on my Friday Night Silly post on Hydrant which is a record in 9.5 years I think.  

    I find it a little annoying, that I can spend 10 minutes doing a "slap and clap" where I quote three paragraphs on some salaacious topic and put a header and footer on it and get 250 recs, but if I really expand my creative juices and try to write humor here I sometimes don't even get 5 recs. It used to be crushing. Bur, aa a commitment to my true secret self as a humorist rather than a journalist i defiantly keep doing it anyway.

    On a more germane topic, it eems like we've  turned a corner on trans and other GLB community news and tolerance in this last year and even couple of months.

    I've followed it closely for quite a few decades and never seen so much, so much openness as recently.

    Cheers and keep on trucking.

    The means is the ends in the process of becoming. - Mahatma Gandhi

    by HoundDog on Fri Feb 14, 2014 at 05:20:07 PM PST

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