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View Diary: The Tom Perkins system: 'You don't get to vote unless you pay a dollar of taxes' (154 comments)

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  •  Perkins' odd idea of U.S. freedoms (1+ / 0-)
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    Even though Perkins was "joking," he wasn't joking in reality.  There are many 1 percenters who actually believe letting the very rich have all the political power--as well as all the economic power--in the country would make for a wonderful world.  Well, it would.  For them.  This man and a few of the other American billionaires have absolutely no sense of what it means to live a life without obscene amounts of money.  And further, Perkins has most obviously NOT read the Constitution or he wouldn't even suggest a dollar for a vote (let alone the other).  These people have benefitted enough from being U.S. citizens; we need to make sure they DON'T have the power to change the country.

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