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View Diary: Sign the petition: Protect bald eagles from the NRA (7 comments)

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  •  Why? Why are the gun nuts (5+ / 0-)

    resisting the change from lead?  Doesn't the lead get in the meat they are killing to eat?  

    •  yes it does (2+ / 0-)
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      of course, you're going to have our usual hunting and anti-conservation troll swing by to tell us that people in South Dakota have less lead than people incities, but the clinical evidence is that yes, the lead in meat contaminates it and gets into blood if ingested.  Not typically at lethal doses, but at higher rates than non-lead eaters.

      Also, it does get into the environment and into wildlife.  The impact on condors is devastating.

      Of coruse, the science deniers rip off the climate deniers, evolution flat earthers, and tobacco apologists to deny these plain facts.

      To answer your question:  few Americans are protect the environment if it means they have to spend a little bit mroe to be responsible.  You see this all over our country.  Long story short, most people are like oil companies and are only different as a matter of degree, not kind

      •  So, it is a matter of money? (0+ / 0-)

        For money, kill condors (near extinction), bald eagles (once almost to the brink of extinction), poison themselves and any other carrion eater?  

        Or is it a resistance to rules, laws, common sense, and regulation?

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