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View Diary: Missouri lawmaker introduces bill allowing familes to 'opt out' of learning evolution (194 comments)

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  •  Southerners are generally very hospitable (0+ / 0-)

    until they find out how "different" you are.  There is a story of a black woman who arrived in Heaven when the civil rights movement was getting started, and had lived in Birmingham (Alabama).  She told the friends who had gone before her how wonderful it was that even the white churches were so welcoming.  One week she went to a Presbyterian church, everyone greeted her with a smile and invited her back.  Next week she went to a Methodist church, several people including the minister welcomed her, and asked if she wanted to become a member.  The third week she went to a Southern Baptist church, and they were so happy to see her, they insisted on baptizing her immediately!  And that was the last she remembered.

    I am a native of Florida and have spent most of my life, except for a Missouriable year in Kansas City and a few months in Oakland, in various parts of Florida and Georgia, where I currently reside.  And sometimes the way these yahoos behave makes me ashamed to be white.  But we're all Africans if you go back far enough.

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