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View Diary: Bad news for Republicans: Obamacare is helping their voters too (86 comments)

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  •  I recently had a conversation (11+ / 0-)

    with a conservative friend about my return to the ranks of the insured, thanks to the ACA.

    She asked whether I was okay with having to pay for plans that include pregnancy care and children's care, given that I am a single male with no kids.

    Sure, I said. I'd gladly trade that for an end to lifetime caps and preexisting conditions. My friend had no comeback to that, especially since she knows that one reason for my having been uninsured was a bogus preexisting condition dreamed up by the insurance company.

    One by one, conservatives are going to realize that, not only is the sky not falling, but Obamacare is truly helping people.

    •  Did people used to get individually tailored plans (1+ / 0-)
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      Did insurance companies really offer a plan that was made just for each individual insured person?

      Specific exclusion of coverage for pregnancy, ovarian cancer, etc. for male customers, and specific exclusion of coverage for prostate cancer for female ones?

      And age-defined: specific exclusion of tests and treatment for conditions most common among people over fifty, for insured people who are younger, and exclusion of tests and treatment for children if the coverage is for someone older?

      I thought these things were kind of mass produced. You got coverage for different kinds of tests and treatment, and either ovarian cancer or prostate cancer would be covered.

      I thought that insurance companies saw insured people in great big clumps: are we making enough money off this big group of people to pay for what the sick and injured ones need?

      •  I believe that market (1+ / 0-)
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        pre-Obamacare was tailored for the low-risk insured, and priced very high for the higher risk.  

        And hey, if an insured suddenly developed a serious illness, you could just comb through his/her medical records to find a pre-existing condition and cancel his/her sick ass.

        Great business model

      •  Not sure of the details, (0+ / 0-)

        but in the 1990s when I had to research possible health plans for a small office, there were such choices.

        One employee was recently married, and wanted childbirth expenses included; the other employees either did not want it, or did not care. I finally made the decision to include it, and premiums were slightly higher as a result.

    •  Forssterbob, I hear you (1+ / 0-)
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      Wingers have zero sense of community or nation yet they are quick to throw the flag in our face.

      "I have no kids so why should I pay school taxes?"

      Because years ago people paid for YOU !

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