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View Diary: Rising International Resistance to Cloak and Dagger Trade Deal (32 comments)

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  •  Original negotiations may be confidential (5+ / 0-)

    but what is being asked for here is the authority to conclude them without lawmakers having any input into the process. They can only vote the final product in or out. In the US they do not have to surrender that authority to the government and there is growing resistance to doing so in this case. It is always "easier" to do things in secret and then ram them down the public's throat. You may find it reasonable, many other people do not.

    •  Original (1+ / 0-)
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      side pocket

      Aren't we still in the original TPP negotiations?  As far as I know they're still negotiating.

      Do lawmakers have input into any other negotiations with foreign governments that they're not getting with TPP?  I don't see how this is any different than other international negotiations.

      •  Yes they frequently do have input. (3+ / 0-)
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        Involuntary Exile, side pocket, koNko

        Politically it is usually a necessary part of the ratification process.

        •  Input (0+ / 0-)

          If Congress typically only has input as part of the ratification process then the TPP is very transparent in comparison.  USTR says they consulted with Congress 1100 times just last year alone.  The Obama administration looks like the most transparent in history.

          Held More than 1,100 Meetings and Briefings with Congress on Key USTR Initiatives.  Ambassador Froman and USTR staff held more than 1,100 briefings with Members of Congress and their staffs on the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in 2013, ensuring that the people’s representatives in Congress were kept abreast of the content and progress of the talks and had ample opportunity to shape ongoing U.S. negotiating efforts.
          •  Secret briefings. (3+ / 0-)

            Alan Grayson was one of the members of Congress granted access to, but not provided copies of, the drafts as they then existed back in mid-2013. He was prohibited from discussing them with anyone as they were "classified".
            "This, more than anything, shows the abuse of the classified information system," Grayson told HuffPost. "They maintain that the text is classified information. And I get clearance because I'm a member of Congress, but now they tell me that they don't want me to talk to anybody about it because if I did, I'd be releasing classified information."
            Having seen what I've seen, I would characterize this as a gross abrogation of American sovereignty," he added. "I would further characterize it as a punch in the face to the middle class of America. I think that's fair to say from what I've seen so far. But I'm not allowed to tell you why!"

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