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View Diary: Venezuela: The beginning of the media blackout. (26 comments)

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  •  So, based on empirical data... (0+ / 0-)

    ...which is what I supplied, you conclude some sort of "agenda" must be in play.

    Tell me: What "reality" am I not "on speaking terms"?

    I suppose all those hundreds of thousands of students in the streets, all the former "chavistas" who want Maduro out, they are part of some sort of "right-wing conspiracy"?

    Red-baiting? Are you phuqqing serious??

    No need to answer this. It's obvious you possess an intellect beyond reproach and shouldn't deign to answer the crazy guy.

    You're right. Maduro didn't shoot anyone: those bullets where thrown and the demonstrators ran at them REALLY FAST!

    "Wealthy the Spirit which knows its own flight. Stealthy the Hunter who slays his own fright. Blessed is the Traveler who journeys the length of the Light."

    by CanisMaximus on Fri Feb 14, 2014 at 04:37:21 PM PST

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    •  Here's what news sources are saying (3+ / 0-)

      "During clashes near the prosecutor’s office and in a separate part of the city later in the day, three people were shot to death, officials said. Two were identified as protesters, and one was described as a government supporter. It was not clear who opened fire in each shooting, but each side blamed the other for the violence, with government officials naming Mr. López as the “intellectual author” of the unrest."

      The question is who is starting t he violence. You seem to claim to know. But, then your diary gave itself away in the comment section in which some were making the utterly right wing claim that the elections in the country have been rigged. As I told other right wing sites at the time, not liking an outcome doesn't mean a process has been rigged. If that were truly, I would have to scream bloody murder every time a right winger gets into office in the U.S.

      Most of the coverage that writes like yours is frankly news analysis or opinion pieces.

      They have been doing the same thing since Latin America started moving to the left.

      The country has its problems, but no worse than any other.

    •  by the way, I use the term "news analysis" loosely (0+ / 0-)

      meaning that there's not much information to go on, but that doesn't stop people from speculating heavily based on existing bias

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