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View Diary: Obama Increasingly Isolated From Democratic Base on TPP (264 comments)

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  •  It would be wrong (2+ / 0-)
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    to generalize beyond that.  Obama's approval ratings among Democrats and liberals remain very high.  He is not in trouble among rank and file Democrats.

    I think, and have thought for over 11 years here, that people really don't understand globalization. This is particularly true of some liberal economists (see Robert Reich). Globalization kills jobs, and the jobs that are supposed to appear to take their place have simply not appeared.

    As a result, people don't have decent jobs, so demand suffers, and the economy can't really become healthy.

    On this issue Obama is out of step with the base and I very much hope TPP does not get passed.  Alas, Clinton is no different, and I am skeptical US policy on trade will ever change.

    The reason: for the right the free market beliefs trumps trade concerns.  But liberals too will talk about "blaming foreigners" for our economic problems. Reich for example refers to free trade opponents as demagogues.

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