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View Diary: Monday Murder Mystery: Whatever Happened to Washington's Birthday? And a Special Announcement (68 comments)

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  •  YOu're point about the Dulles brothers (2+ / 0-)
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    Susan from 29, RiveroftheWest

    is well taken.  Unfortunately for me and a great many, the horrors of their contributions weren't known.  My acquaintance with them is very recent, and at my age, change is difficult.  Still, given the bloody, racist, even genocidal monsters Reagan cheerfully supported to say nothing of those he ignored, I'm not sure (even conceding my continued relative ignorance) that I agree with your assessment.  Of course there also was his interference with the Iranian situation during that election.  In addition to his incompetence, there still was such as the slaughter on the shores of Lebanon to be factored in for the Captain.  Foreign policy aside, worse for me was his  nearly constant pandering to our own racists.

    The man simply was disgusting.  Curiously the Dulles brothers were motivated in no small way by their strong religious beliefs which says so much about religion among other things.  His mouth aside, there is  no indication of any serious religious conviction on the part of the amiable dunce.

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