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View Diary: Michael Dunn, the Murderous Bullying S.O.B. that the Jury Hardly Knew (199 comments)

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  •  One further upside (0+ / 0-)

    Second degree attempted murder is a felony.
    Felons are prohibited from possessing firearms.

    As for the author's question on psychological screening, what other enumerated rights does the august author wish to require a psychological screening? Public speech?
    On second thought, I'd go with requiring a psychological screening being required before either the first or second amendment are exercised. Those who fail have no rights.

    Just a bit of bitter snark, along with a valid observation on enumerated rights. We need reasonable limitations, as we have on every other right, but we need to choose our suggestions wisely, lest the protections of all against the abuse of one right be extended to other rights.

    As for the convict, frankly, I'd not have trusted him to carry a specially blunted spoon. Regrettably, his state apparently required a very low examination on the individual permitted to carry a concealed firearm.
    At least my state has an excuse for that practice, a court order, after abuses were found in certain counties not issuing permits based upon income and race.

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