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View Diary: Noam Chomsky Breaks Down the Zombie Apocalypse (184 comments)

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    Eikyu Saha

    population in the event of certain emergencies would be upsetting for first responders, if implementing them on fellow citizens. So practicing with zombies may be a great way to desensitize them, or avoid stirring up a lot of distracting controversy and questions in practice drills.

    One of FEMA's original missions was to maintain social order after a nuclear war, if martial law was declared. It became expanded to include floods, weather events, etc. after we realized we had no other agency to cover those basis.  

    One of the reasons for the screw-up at Katrina was that prior to that the organization wasn't really geared up for a situation of that size.

    But, in other cases, imagine first responders having to shooting people who try to cross quarantine lines in the event of an viral break like Ebola. We can't let potentially infected people who may look well now escape an infected area.

    Or, in the scenario you mention, getting a VIP out of a zone of chaos.

    Or fighting back citizens with guns trying to rob food trucks or medicine destined for a different areas, or for "VIPs."

    One scenario involving the possibility that one of those  H1N1 (Numbers?) viruses infecting pigs or chickens in Asia, mutates to airborne spread rather than by direct contact, predicts a global pandemic within the following 3 months, with a mortality rate that will start out high, but fall to "only" 10% of the global population due to mutation biology.

    Most of the mortality is due to the lungs flooding during the worst 24 hour period of infection and people could be saved if we stocked a few million hand inexpensive hand ventilators.  

    The lowdown is that most major US cities have fewer than a few hundred hospital grade ventilators.  And neither insurance companies, nor the government is willing to stock sufficient inventories of back up supplies to cover this scenario.  Same goes for certain anti-viral meds that rich companies started to hoard in the SARS virus outbreak a few years back in Canada.

    Practicing on shooting crowds of zombies trying to breech a police line, is probably less disturbing that shooting citizens trying to get medicines, food supplies, or water that could save their children but is destined to an area someone in government, or a corporation has deemed to be a higher priority area.


    The means is the ends in the process of becoming. - Mahatma Gandhi

    by HoundDog on Mon Feb 17, 2014 at 01:05:56 PM PST

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