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View Diary: To All in Anti-KXL Camp Planning Anti-Pipeline Civil Disobedience -- DEATH LURKS IN CONFINED SPACES (40 comments)

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  •  the diarist does not believe in civil disobedience (0+ / 0-)

    he thinks we should submit meekly to our overlords, even as those overlords commit eco-terrorism and expect us to pay tbe cost (just"adapt" already)

    •  Aren't there less lethal locations for protest? (4+ / 0-)

      Not familiar with the situation on the ground, but are there not other suitable locations for effective civil disobedience?

      (I am assuming that those who came up with the idea of entering the pipeline were simply ignorant of the potential danger of such spaces.)

      Sit-ins to block access roads, control centers, etc. would seem to be possibilities that would not carry the terrible risk of entering spaces that are potentially oxygen-deficient or contaminated with toxic gases.

      •  sure, and i thanked the diarist (2+ / 0-)
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        rodentrancher, unfangus

        for the info re: the pipeline dangers

        try this: ask the diarist his view towards "sit ins to block access roads, control centers, etc."

        better yet, just check his comment history and you will see that the diarist thinks those engaged in civil disobedience to protect the environment are criminals who deserve to be harshly punished

        the pipeline danger is the diarist's hook for undermining resistance and civil disobedience

        the diarist is urging people to submit to the eco-terrorist carbon barons

        imo, it is bad faith, but ymmv

        peace out

        •  You said (0+ / 0-)
          better yet, just check his comment history and you will see that the diarist thinks those engaged in civil disobedience to protect the environment are criminals who deserve to be harshly punished
          Environmentalists should not be committing felonies during civil disobedience.  

          Keep your civil disobedience protest acts in the misdemeanor category.

          Non-profit organizations engaging in civil disobedience that urge their members to commit felonies and engage in such felonious acts are not in the public interest nor are they valid or effective environmental protection advocates.

          •  Protesters Don't Charge Themselves With Crimes (0+ / 0-)

            Prosecutors do. So all the State has to do is DEFINE every act of civil resistance as a felony and then civil disobedience is, according to your logic, totally impermissible. Which is precisely what is happening as the carbon barons clamp down on resistance. How convenient for your "defense" of civil disobedience, which is actually a condemnation of civil disobedience and a defense of corporate fascism.

            You also praise the MI judge who: 1) denied those engaged in environmental civil disobedience with even EXPLAINING at trial WHY they did what they did; and 2) revoked the bail of those peaceful resisters pending sentencing.

            You support the status quo and condemn those who fight the eco-terrorost carbon merchants with all the People have left to us: our bodies and our will. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

            •  I don't have any problem with (0+ / 0-)

              civil disobedience involving simple misdemeanors.  

              What I do have a problem with is promotion of felonious conduct during civil disobedience and specifically where that involves humans entering pipelines....which is absolutely indefensible and dangerous criminal conduct.

              •  Protesters Don't Charge Themselves With Felonies (0+ / 0-)

                The State, acting on behalf, of the carbon barons, does. Don't you get that? Of course you do.

                Do you approve of civil disobedience such as sit-ins to block pipeline access roads and control centers? Or are those also "felonies" and therefore worthy of condemnation?

                Bearing in mind that your approach to combatting the problem of AGW has been a complete and utter failure, perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to condemn those who realize that and are taking a different course.

                •  So... any felonies off limits? (0+ / 0-)

                  Arson cool, murder not so much?

                  •  Arson? Murder? Really? (0+ / 0-)

                    We're talking about people squatting and refusing to leave to prevent pipeline construction. Civil disobedience. Passive resistance like Ghandi and MLK, Jr. You really equate that to arson and murder? The fact that the State decides to make felonies out of peaceful non-violent civil disobedience like trespassing does not make the resisters more morally culpable. It does, however, say a great deal about the State and those who defend the State's practices.

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