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View Diary: Bill Nye versus Marsha Blackburn on Meet The Press: Climate Change Politics (261 comments)

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    Nye is a scientist.  He's known to a generation of children who are now grown voters as "Bill Nye the Science Guy".

    The public at large are NOT going to see Nye and think "I trust this guy because he's not a scientist."  

    Nye also has something many others do not -- media experience and savvy and a comfort level with being in front of the camera.  Most scientists want nothing to do with media, and even if they did they would not have the personality or media savvy to pull it off.  Sagan had "the right stuff."  Neil DeGrasse Tyson does also.  But such individuals are few and far between.  I'd find it preferable to have Nye up there than put someone who is going to freeze up on camera or behave in a way that turns people off to what they are saying.

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