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View Diary: Bill Nye versus Marsha Blackburn on Meet The Press: Climate Change Politics (261 comments)

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  •  I loved her "yes" LOL (1+ / 0-)
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    Nye was so - so to me.

    The scrambled intro Gregory gave should have been set straight before any other comments were made. Gregory said there was consensus... in Britain. (?) He kept backtracking.

    I would have like to see Nye directly challenge Blackburn.
    When he directly pointed out how ass backwards her "parts per billion" was - that was great. I would have liked to see him force her to acknowledge she was wrong.

    I also would have liked to see him confront her directly about scientific consensus. Back her into a corner.

    But he could have done a lot worse.

    And you're right in that it was good to SOMEBODY present Nye's viewpoint.

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